The Reform of the United Nations (1992)



The publication describes the reform effort which was launched in 1985 in response to the United Nations financial crisis and which was concluded at the end of 1990. The publication focuses on the work of the Group of 18 (Group of High-level Intergovernmental Experts to Review the Efficiency of the Administrative and Financial Functioning of the United Nations), the approval of the reform and its implementation by the United Nations Secretariat.  Also included is an assessment of the efforts made by the General Assembly to implement the reform proposals.

            The positions of the main actors – Member States and the United Nations Secretariat – are recorded in a detailed analysis of the debate that ensued in various United Nations committees.  This is combined with a comprehensive presentation of the reform proposals, including those which were developed, rejected, modified, approved and implemented.  The wealth of information provides an understanding of the actual process of “reform making” at the United Nations and of the achievements.

            Volume 1 (Report) gives a detailed account of the reform process and reviews past efforts. Volume II (Resolutions, Decisions and Documents) bring together 11 of the main resolutions and 41 documents associated with the reform process.

            In the Foreword, Margaret J. Anstee, Director-General of the United Nations Office at Vienna, who was also the Secretary-General’s Special Coordinator for the Implementation of the Reforms Arising from the Group of 18 Report, describes the publication as an “unique historical record of an important reform process”, which “will help us to learn from the past in order to master the challenges ahead”.

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... key work of reference for students of the UN at every level, combining factual detail with readable commentary... Susan Boyde, Royal Institute of International Affairs   --International Affairs, Vol. 68, No. 4, October 1992

Der Nutzen der Dokumentation steht....ausser Frage ...für Praktiker and Wissenschaftler, die sich über Fragen der UN Reform informieren möchten ...  Klaus Dicke --Vereinte Nationen, Vol. 40, April 1992

Müller's presentation of ... the reform process ... allows the reader to make their own conclusions as to the proper remedies that should have resulted or did result from the process.  --Legal Publishing Preview, August 1992

... the book seeks to assist readers in understanding the actual process of "reform making" at the United Nations ... --Disarmament, Vol. 15, No. 2, 1992

...This work should be available to serious students of the UN structure and how it can better be adapted to meet the demands of the present and future...  Alison Willliams --The Teilhard Review, Vol. 27, No. 3, Winter 1992

Editor: Joachim Müller

Hardcover: 1100 pages, 2 volumes

Publisher: Oceana Publications

ISBN-10: 0379206722

ISBN-13:  978-0379206722

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